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risky business

To celebrate its 150th anniversary the SMA BTP, France's main building construction insurance company, asked me to make a series of portraits of their clients and employees.

Essentially the role of a good insurance company is to assume their client's danger factors and juggle with the risks that their clients take.

These photographs were all taken in and around office buildings insured by the SMA BTP throughout France.

Everyday, white collar office workers, working in the construction field, have to cheat danger and manage risk, often in places where one might expect it the least.

No computer tricks.

Everything is real.

close informations

Aménageurs-lotisseurs, promoteurs-constructeurs, administrateurs de biens, en trente ans, le Groupe France Terre a mené 750 opérations, logé 20 000 familles dans 8 000 logements, proposé 20 000 terrains à bâtir et géré 2 5000 logements. Canadien anglophone, Timothy Cyr en est Directeur général délégué.