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Galleria Santa Cecilia - Rome (2006)

"9 x 100 : nine photographers for 100 photographs" - group exhibition with 9 photographers - exhibition presented in Rome's International Festival of Photography - Rip Hopkins presents "Paris anonymous".

Paris anonymous

Interview with Rip Hopkins by Fabrice Drouzy, Libération

« Where did the idea come from for the masks ? There are two reasons. The first is that in Paris people are very much aware of the power of images and media, so they usually refuse to be photographed. Photographers working in the street are often agressed. So I decided to get around this problem by using it to my advantage, by turning it into a game. It was funny to see that Parisians refused to have their photograph taken, then accepted when asked to wear the mask.

The second reason for the masks is that people don’t look at each other in the street, they censor themselves, compared to places like Africa where everybody touches one another with their eyes. Here passer-bys ignore each other on purpose, from fear, so as to avoid trouble, its almost as if they are wearing masks.

This work is therefore a criticism of a state of mind, but has also a lighthearted side : people look like shrews or moles. Creatures emerging from their den. Furthermore I made many different masks before finding the appropriate one. »

12 ink-jet prints on varnished canvas - 42cm diametre
Mounted on circular chassis held 37cm from wall with 40 watt lighting

Paris anonymous

Paris anonymous