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Filigranes Editions - 2006

Introduction : Yann Legoff - Preface : Gabriel Bauret - Texts : Rip Hopkins

165 x 120mm (HxL) - 22 pages - 14 photographs in duotone (français)

ISBN : 978-2-35046-045-2

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"Décade" is an overview of the territory that Rip Hopkins has covered during the past ten years. His documentary photography concentrates on ailing society, working mainly with populations in danger treating issues such as migration, discrimination, conflict, human rights abuse and censorship. Rip Hopkins is interested by hidden situations that rarely hit the front page and the reality of life in societies very different from our own.

His strange sense of mind can be found under the various photographic forms and formats that he uses : panoramic format, alternation between black and white and colour, 35mm, medium and large format. But throughout this diversity there is an aesthetic consistency where each image is rigourously composed and framed with precision. Today he places the people in his photographs like a painter would for his paintings. This reference to painting can also be percieved in the way he deals with colour which articulates the dynamics of an image's composition.

This book charts Rip Hopkins' course and sets out his intellectual and aesthetic singularity.

© Gabriel Bauret 2006

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