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Another Country

Filigranes Editions - 2010

Antony Mair, Pauline de La Boulaye, Rip Hopkins

250 x 310mm (HxL) - 128 pages - 69 photographies couleurs (english / français)

ISBN : 978-2-35046-191-5

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Another Country is the first book of photographs devoted to the British in France.

In the footsteps of Walker Evans, Rip Hopkins' 68 portraits provide a record that is both personal and objective, showing the real and imaginary world of British expats in France.

Having himself abandoned the UK, Rip Hopkins re-examines his roots and his passionate relationship with France. Antony Mair, a British settler in the Dordogne considers what it means for him and others to be expatriates, while Pauline de La Boulaye, a French national sets out her view of the British, the photographer and the present time.

These different accounts raise questions of identity and of belonging, in the context of a society adapting to globalisation. Disturbing and surreal, Rip Hopkins' photographs resonate at the deepest levels of our consciousness.

Nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards 2010.

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