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Vu' 15 ans

La Martinière - 2002

Text : Jean-Luc Hees, Rony Brauman, Titouan Lamazou, Josyane Savigneau, Marin Karmitz, Benoît Devarrieux, Robert Delpire et Tomashi Furimoto - Photographs : Agence Vu

260 x 200mm (HxL) - 528 pages - photographs in colour and duotone (Français)

ISBN : 2732429252

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Agence Vu is nothing more than a platform, a complex but firm and determined voice, which serves primarily as a forum for artists to exchange their projects, perspectives, experiences, doubts and ideas with others who use this “little machine” to diffuse, distribute, promote and defend their views. What we don’t want at Agence VU is to substitute our logo for the unique identity of each of our artists who often produce the most exceptional images.

Even when we are trying to establish ourselves as a press agency and break into the field of information, we realized right from the start that the views of the artists we are defending, aside from their typical thematic classification, could be applied to different fields, such as advertising and corporate communication. We are very realistic about what we are doing since we know that one perspective could serve a purpose in another field where photography is increasingly being used. We are more concerned about quality and relevant views than we are about where photographers hail “from”. It doesn’t matter to us whether they hail “from” the press, “from” the fashion world, or “from” advertising -- we simply want real photographers who can live up to their creative abilities.

The ‘VU style’ does not exist. If it does, then it is solely in the unique writings of each artist who has joined our agency.

The works of our photographers have been highly acclaimed, published and exhibited all over the world. They have won many national and international awards.
Their success is the pride of Agence VU and Galerie VU.

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Pages 154-155