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80+80 photo_graphisme

Filigranes Editions / Aman Iman Créations - 2006

Preface : Christian Caujolle & Marie-Anne Couvreu - Introduction : Michel Wlassikoff - Photographs : 80 photographers & 80 graphic designers

245 x 170 (HxL) - 192 pages - 80 illustrations et 80 photographies couleurs et noir et blanc (English / Français)

ISBN : 9782350460697

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The VU' agency and Galerie Anatome have asked 80 photographers and 80 international graphic designers to take part in a joint project. The exhibition puts two image-making professions face to face and explores a new dimension in images: the "photo-graphic" dimension. Each graphic designer was given a photograph that was to provide the basis for a graphic image. The meaning of the photograph could be called into question and, if necessary, reworked. The photograph is not there to illustrate the theme, it is the theme of the jointly created image.

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