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Clee hill & other sculptures

Bill Hopkins - 2006

Introduction : Bill Hopkins - Texts and drawing : Stephen Cox - Photographs : Rip Hopkins

Artist folio - 50 copies - 740 x 525mm (HxL) - 1 origional drawing by Stephen Cox - 18 photographs in colour by Rip Hopkins, printed by Philippe Guilvard - (English)


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Exhibited at The Meadow Gallery, Burford, Shropshire 2004

Nine sculptures by Stephen Cox, exhibited together at the Meadow Gallery in Shropshire in 2004, are illustrated alongside the sculptor’s commentary on each of the works. Each copy of the folio also contains, as frontispiece, a drawing by Stephen Cox relating to his sculpture Clee Hill.

The sculptures are illustrated by eighteen photographs taken by Rip Hopkins in the summer and late autumn of 2004 (using large format in the summer and medium format in the autumn).

The edition, completed in the autumn of 2006, consists of sixty-five copies, identical in all respects other than the individual drawings by Stephen Cox which differ from copy-to-copy. Of the edition :
- fifteen copies (numbered I-XV) are for the contributors,
- fifty copies (numbered 1 – 50) are for distribution.

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