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Regards sur 10 nouvelles capitales européennes

Paris Audiovisuel - 2004

Introduction : Betrand Delanoë - Presentation : Gabriel Bauret - Photographs : Samuel Bollendorff, Sarah Caron, Jean-François Castell, Tiane Doan na Champassak, Yann Charbonnier, Matias Costa, Rip Hopkins, Stéphane Lagoute, Lucille Reyboz, Frédéric Sauter

220 x 170mm (HxL) - 70 pages - 50 photographs in colour and duotone (English / Français)

ISBN : 2914426259

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On the occasion of the expansion of Europe, it was decided to gather photographs to visually familiarize ourselves with the new arrivals. To get to know these future Europeans, to explore where they live, their work and their culture, the organizers of this book chose to commission a young generation of photographers : they were almost all born at the start of the 70s and they were all recruited from the talented breeding ground of the Hachette Foundation Award.

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